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Carrium: 05-17-33rd-Year!

138th Day

The 5th Month of The 33rd Year!


3rd Day of the week, which is called Tuesday!

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It is a Blessing!  Just type!  You don't know what's coming: but, what is coming from the Lord is definitely good!  Daily the Lord places Food for people in a certain place: but, the people are not drawn to where they can get what they need to eat today, and gain that which they will need for that time that is to come.  But, the people have developed a taste for junk food; and, the Word of God has become very distasteful to them!  I spoke with my wife about the kittens that were abandoned by their mother at our house, telling her that the kittens need to develop a taste for natural meat and fish, and not this synthetic stuff in the boxes created by man.  The cats need to develop a taste for that which they will have to hunt to eat.  But, notice how a cat raised on synthetic foods will kill a rat or bird; but, will not eat it.  They are like the white men that rode inside of the trains in the old western days, and shot the buffalo as they rode by inside of the cars: but, no one ate that meat!  These kittens' natural instincts need to be developed and to take over if they are going to survive!  I was reminded of an old John Wayne movie called "Hondo!"  He had a dog which he called Sam.  While they were eating, a little boy asked him if he could feed his dog: but, he told him no, because the dog gets his own food!  People who are welfare cases make their animals to be the same way!  As I sat in the back yard on yesterday, I observed the kittens as they came out from under the house!  They went straight for the pan that my wife usually feed them in.  They sat right there on a cement block looking into the empty pan.  I said, "What did they bypass on the ground on their way to where the pan is?"  They must learn to hunt!  What will they do if we would have to leave suddenly?


I heard about an earthquake striking Dallas, Texas.  I was caused to remember what the Lord said about earthquakes being in various places.  Earthquakes will start to happen in places where there is not usually an earthquake.  It is not talking about those places where earthquakes usually occur!  Matthew 24: "And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you, because many shall come in My name, saying, I am Christ (Proclaiming before you with their mouths that they are Christians, and that Jesus is Christ); and shall deceive many. And you shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: see that you be not troubled, because all of these things must come to pass: but, the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and, there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in various places. All of these are the beginning of sorrows."  That means when you shall start to see these things taking place, you will know that the "Mark of the Beast" is near to take place; and, there are and abundance of people proclaiming that Jesus is Lord and Christ.  People coming before you proclaiming to be Christians, and talking all of the Words of Jesus as if to have the Spirit of God.  The Words by themselves cannot do anything!  Power comes by the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost!  The fourth part is the preacher whom the Lord did ordain.  The preacher delivers to you the Word of God.  That is Jesus!  But, the Word by itself cannot do anything!  The hearer hears it and believes it!  It is written in his heart!  And, he receives the Holy Ghost!  He keeps it.  There are three parts that you need; yea, four!  How shall you hear, except by a preacher?  And, how shall he preach, except he be sent?  It is like tools or equipment in your house that needs electricity; if there is no electricity, the tools won't work.  Or, if you have the electricity; but, don't remember where you put the tools, the work still cannot get done.  Jesus is the Tool!  He is the Word of God!  If you don't have the Holy Ghost, you cannot remember what of the Word of God you must use.  That is where the Holy Ghost comes in as a reminder to remind you of that which you already have in you so you can bring that forth!  Now, the Spirit, Who is God, will take that which the Holy Ghost has shown you, that you accepted as what to use, and He will Power drive those Words!  He is the Power that sends them into action to accomplish that which He sent them forth to do.  This is the same as what the Lord Jesus said, when He said, "I by Myself cannot do anything: but, it is the Spirit that is in Me that does the Work!"  So, you need the tools; the remembrance of what tools; and, the Power to operate those tools.  What do you have in your house?  What do you have in your heart?  Amen!

Deborah Esther: The Esther part is showing up in her willingness to do what is needful to help others!

God said that an ant does not have a guide nor an overseer: but, will know to gather in the summer time all that he needs, because he knows that the winter is coming!  He called out to the sluggard, and said, "Take heed to the ways of the ant!"  But, you are people, created in the image of God; but, you don't know to prepare for that which is to come, even though that which is to come is plainly spoken to you.  You will be caught with your drawers down!  So, at that time I was given to refer to these web sites as "The Feeding Trough!"  It came because I remembered when I was in Del Rio, Texas many years ago, that I stood by the highway observing a line of cattle, coming from the woods towards a fence!  At the fence was a trough where a man would come every day to put food in that trough.  I saw a trail was cut through the field, and I knew that the cattle had traveled that path very often.  And, the Lord said to me, "These cattle know where to go to get their food every day: but, My people do not know where they can get My Word and be nourished each and every day.  I have placed My Word where everyone can get it: but, they will not come!"  So, I said, "O Lord, what must I do to get them to come?"  The Lord said that there is a drawing that will come; and that He will draw His people out of every condition that they are caught up in.  He said He would draw them by His Spirit!  Angels will do this!  The people will come out from all races; and, these shall be Mine, saith the Lord!  They shall be one people!  And, there shall be One Spirit in them!  The Lord has placed this food here for you!  Amen!

  People have had so much evil in them for so long that they think what is in them is good!  God said, Let that Mind be in you that is in Christ Jesus!  Get the Saving Mind!  Satan, I know your mind!  Your mind is unclean: but, Blessed is the Mind of Christ!"  Amen!


With joy destroy the evil!  Holy and Blessed are You, O Lord!  The preparation of the heart is now!  Amen!


Some years ago, my wife and I were living in our old van, because we had no place to stay!  There were no people giving Tithes in those days!  But, I continued to minister to certain people, even while not having a certain dwelling place.  I was given to give counsel, and speak what the Lord gave me to tell my daughter about starting a business.  With much laboring, she finally took the things that the Lord was giving!  Because she started to prosper, I was able to prosper, also!  The livelihood of a preacher depends on the Tithes and offerings of the flock.  God has made it so that everyone will live by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of the preachers whom He has ordained!  He has called His preachers His mouth!  If the preacher is taken away, the Word of God is taken away!  If the people refuse to give the Tithes after they have heard what the purpose of the Tithes is; they are saying to God they don't want His Word, and most of all they are saying they don't want to live.  Some have abundance, and think they are blessed: but, God said that a man's life does not consist of the abundance of material things he has!  Amen!


 I have lived the way the Apostle Paul had to live also!  It was given to him to build tents in a certain city to support himself, because there were no people in that city that gave Tithes to him: but, he had to remain there to minister the Word of God in that city.  Some years back, I had been given to start a resale business which was for our livelihood, because we were given a house to live in, which had to be fixed up!  There was no electricity, because there were no lines running to the house; and there was no gas; and, this was in the winter time.  We endured, and the Lord gave me the knowledge to do the work in the house that needed to be done; and, all of the utilities were finally on.  Materially, I have been at zero: but, Spiritually, I am never at zero!  I was also given to use a gift that the Lord gave me to create art; and, He caused it to sell nationwide.  These were the days that were called self-support: but, it is never self-support.  A preacher will sometimes have to be self-employed, because there are no people supporting him.  Then I had to stop earning money by doing other things, because I have to be exercised in the exact way God has given for His preachers to live.  It was also shown how the Apostles had to give up all of the work that they did, and give all of their attention to serving the Table of the Lord!  We are all moving into the More Perfect Ways; and, everything shall be as it is written!  It is always doing as the Lord has commanded to be done.  I remembered Elijah, and how the Lord sent him to a poor widow woman; and, because she did as Elijah had commanded her, she prospered, also.  I remember also how a certain widow came to Elisha, speaking to him about the problems she was having with bill collectors.  Elisha gave her what to do; and, she followed those instructions, and she also prospered.  I minister to people no matter what my condition is!  In sickness and in health I am required to perform my duties as the Lord has given me.  It is never a complaining before Him.  I always seek ability to do what is my duty to do; and, I don't look for excuses for not wanting to do it.  My dedication is that dedication that the Lord has given me.  The Paths of the Lord are filled with Goodness; and, all you have to do is follow faithfully in the Ways in which the Lord is instructing you to go.  When you prosper, don't be like Nebuchadnezzar who said, "Is this not Great Babylon, which I have built?"  The Lord knocked his ass down!  When the Lord is causing you to prosper, you never fail to mention how you got started!  You never leave the Lord out!  There were others that started out doing what the Lord said to do and they also began to prosper: but, certain ones turned away.  They started to fail, and returned to bondage!  I have seen the Lord deliver people out of financial debts just like He did through Elisha telling that widow what to do.  So, don't get lifted up in pride; and, remember how you came!  And, let nothing be grievous to you that He tells you to do!  People do become bitter about having to give Tithes; and, they treat giving Tithes with contempt!  Amen!

Isaac did not date Rebecca before he married her!  We don't have try before buy!  When God is leading a man, he will follow God's decisions!  She came from far to marry a man she had never seen; and, he married a woman he had never seen before.  They met; and, they married!  How are you starting off?  Are you looking for a date?  When you date, you are not dealing with a person in a home environment as you will have to after you are married!  So, what kind of experience are you getting with one another.  Are you sneaking around?  That's the kind of person you are!  You are a deceitful person, because deceit is what you practice!  How will you be honest in a relationship when all of your efforts are towards deceit?  You take that kind of spirit with you into whatever you go into; and, it is the spirit that conducts you in whatever you do.


The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord!  Be free; and, walk free!  Let all of your focus be set in this day!  Who said you are strong?  Another weak ass person like you!  Compliments from devils ain't worth shit!

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