6th Day of the week, which is called Friday!

"The Church Is Set Free!"    

The people are set free!  Psalm 126: “When the LORD turned again the captivity of Zion (The Church), we were like those that dream.  Then were our mouths filled with laughter, and our tongues with singing!  Then said they among the heathen, The LORD has done great things for them.  The LORD has done great things for us; whereof we are glad. Turn again our captivity, O LORD, as the streams in the south.  They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.  He that goes forth and weeps, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.”  Amen!


     Ain’t no use in trying to build something if the Lord is not doing the building!  “Except the LORD build the house, they labor in vain that build it!  Except the LORD keep the city, the watchman wakes but in vain.  It is vain for you to rise up early; or to sit up late; or to eat the bread of sorrows, because so He gives His beloved sleep.”  So, when the Lord gives the sleep, who can disturb that sleep?  Amen!

     Where to start, and how to start, come only by the Will of God!  Let the wicked wrestle with God for control over a righteous man!  If they can overcome Him, they can have power over me!  I shall not want: but, I shall be instructed!  I can be still; and, I have been able to be still!  Being anxious to do something means you will do the wrong thing, or do something at the wrong time.  God coordinates timing!  When the timing is right, there is power and ability to do what is needed to be done!  I also remember timing as being given in getting something done!  It was a timing thing; and, because we responded by doing what the Lord had commanded us to do, we were able to sell two things immediately, because at the time someone was looking for something, the Lord had us to display those items on the Internet.  If we had delayed, we would have missed those sales!  We also needed to get a washing machine fixed; and, the Lord led me to an ad, whereby a man was available to come over immediately to fix it.  There was no delaying in that either.  All of our timing is critical; and, we have to respond to what the Spirit is giving us to do immediately!  Amen!


     Evil spirits also try to use people to push other people into doing something before it is time for that to be done.  But, by being in God’s Timing is how we prosper!  Remember to do what the Lord is telling you to do immediately!  It won’t wait for you!  There is also Power from God to help us with this evil of evil spirits using people to try to influence us.  Don’t let the delay be with you in doing what God tells you to do; and, don’t revert back to those old wicked stubborn ways!  God does not take the evil out of the world: but, He does give us Power against all evils.  God is laughing at what the wicked is trying to do: but, woe to the wicked when God stops laughing!  Let me rejoice with You, O Lord!


     It is important to me not to see evil with people where no evil is!  It is important to me to see people as they are, and not as they were!  While I lay awake upon my bed, I could hear the evil speaking!  But, I heard the Spirit of the Lord telling me I was aware that it was evil speaking; and I was aware it was not what I was thinking!  There is a difference between thinking something, and listening to something!  We learn to distinguish between the two!  We learn to respond to evil speaking, coming as thoughts, the same way we respond to evil speaking coming by way of physical voices!  People come to us speaking about people; and, evil spirits come to us speaking about people.  But, how do I treat the person who was being talked about?  I treat the person with kindness, and with caring!  The evil can use physical means to show us things; and, the evil can also use spiritual means to show us things!  How do we respond to what we are being shown?  But, the Angel of the Lord is always present with the children of the Lord to give us to understand what we are hearing or seeing.  The evil shows what appears to be you in situations with other people: but, that is not the way you treat those people when you are with them.  Then, you recognize it as being evil showing you things: but, the Spirit from the Lord also causes you to recognize it for what it is.  We also know that the evil can show us visions of things: but, they are lying visions!  We came to understand about words of evil spirits come to us as thoughts!

     Do you think it makes you to look better in the eyes of others when you talk about the sins of someone?  We talk about evil ways; and, we explain to others what are evil ways.  You are given urges to speak about sins of particular people!  You often try to get others to feel the same way you feel about that person’s sins.  I know what I am talking about, because I have seen these urges in myself!  But, I resist them!  What good will it do for someone else to know about another person’s past?  People face things, and fall to things: but, they get up, and gain what they need to overcome these things!  No one has walked a path without stumbling, except the Lord Jesus Christ.  While you are spending so much time looking back at someone else’s stumbles, you are not watching where you are going!  It is given to each of us to remember our own past!  We are not ignorant of what we have done, even if we do try to present ourselves to be something that we were not: we do know the truth about our past!  You cannot overcome the mistakes of the past if you are trying to present your past as something that is was not!  If you were fucking up royally; but, you are trying to present your past to others as if you walked through the land as a mighty conqueror: you are crawling around in these days like a snake!  We need to remember our own past; and, we don’t need anyone else to speak about it to others, except to speak of the good that you saw.  You have not overcome your past if you are not acknowledging your sins of the past!  Those sins remain as long as you are trying to present yourself as something mighty in the past.  You have denied your sins!  Therefore, your sins are not forgiven, because you decided to present yourself as someone who was mighty, instead of acknowledging yourself as the way you were!  I told you that I screwed up a lot!  Acknowledge your transgressions, because the things you did not acknowledge are still with you today; and, they are causing you to do even as you did then.  It is to be expected when you start walking in a way you know nothing about: but, you get stronger as you go!  If you are acting like you overcame all of those things, when you did not; those things are still in your path, and you will stumble over them again.  For what reason are you telling me about someone else’s sins?  I read what you are trying to do!  You want me to be just as bitter about the person as you are!  Who has the right to report anything about someone else, seeing that everyone has problems that will cause them to end up in the same place as those whom they are speaking about?  That is why the Lord said to focus on getting the beam out of your own eyes first!  That is how you will see the sins of others in a different light when your heart is being cleansed!  You hear, see, and respond to things only by the kinds of spirits that are in you!  What’s in you is the influencing power over every decision you make.  That is why it is so important to focus on getting the evil out of your own heart first!  When your heart is being purged of evil, you will start to think about that person in a different way, other than that old usual bitter way.  But, every time you talk about somebody, you speak in a bitter way, even though you try to make it sound like a concerned way: but, I read the spirit in the words!  Amen!


     You enjoyed being prayed for, and enjoyed the benefits of the prayers of the righteous!  “Do unto others as you would have them to do unto you!”  What was done for you, desire to be able to do for others!


     A house becomes more comfortable when evil desires are purged out of the hearts of all of the people who inhabit that house!  “I shall not want!”  Amen!

     Everybody is the same!  When everybody is put in the same condition, it will be equal for all!  If I be taken away out of the midst, and placed somewhere else, who will still be able to do what they are reading and hearing?  I was thinking about all of the people who are in the world who will have to read these Reports, and listen to the recorded Reports, and be able to do what they are reading and hearing!  What about these that hear me and see me?  If these people who don’t sit before me can start to do what they are reading and hearing, how much more will they condemn those who sit before me, and still cannot do what they are hearing?


     Multiple sicknesses and diseases!  Why think about a sickness or disease as being only one?  Think about multiple sicknesses and multiple diseases!  Accepting the names of sicknesses and diseases is a trap that the darkness has set!  You think it is only what you have heard it is.  That name contains more than what you have heard that it is.  Did you not accept that name as something evil?  But, you only accepted the cure as being only that which you heard: but, you were never able to think about the rest of what this name contains; and, therefore, the rest of it still remains in you.  Consider the name Legion!  Was Legion speaking of just one demon; or, was it many demons?  So, the name of what you have heard about as being a disease, could be a combination of many diseases!  If the Lord had cast out only one demon, the man still would have had many other demons in him.  But, the Lord caught all of them, and did cast them out!  A doctor cannot do this because they are made to look at only one thing!


     Jesus is Light!  Jesus is the Way!  The Way is the Light!  Show that you have Light in you by walking according to those Ways that are declared as being the Light!  Men will know your Spirit by what you show them!  If they shall declare your ways as being darkness; they have declared the Light as being darkness!  But, show them the Truth; and, display it always!  Show God the Light!  Show God the Thoughts that is Light!  Let your Light be seen in this way: do your good work before people, so they can see it; and, God is then being Glorified!  Showing your good work before people does not mean you saying, “Hey, everybody, look at what I am doing!”  According to where your desire is, that is where your reward is coming from!  If you are doing what you are doing to be complimented by people; you have your reward!  But, let your thoughts be only towards God whenever you are doing whatever you are doing!  It is the good works that show you have Light; and, that is the only way people can see the Light at work!  Amen!


     More than just one: but, multiples!  As it was with a legion of demons; I remembered what the Lord said about multiple evils, doing the same thing!  “Cursed are you, you ungodly visionaries!  You be removed; and, you be cast into the Fire!”  Thank You, O Heavenly Father, for sending the instructions as to what to do about these evils!  Let me now have that which You have in store for me, because I have done what You commanded me to do!  I have cast out the evil; and, I have made space for Righteousness to come in.  I have acted promptly: and, according to how I have responded; You will also respond!  That is the Word of the Lord!  And, You said I would see this evil no more forever!  Thank You, Heavenly Father!  Amen!


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